Make it Your Next Step

High-quality, lived experience inspired support for suicide attempt survivors and those who provide them care


We provide support specific to people who have experienced a suicide attempt and because we know the journey of recovery often includes family and friends we also offer support to carers.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or would like ongoing support, our aftercare services for suicide attempt survivors will be tailored to your needs. Online or in person, our team are compassionate and our supports develop hope and resilience.

  • Services designed and delivered by people with lived experience
  • Services for Connection, Sharing, & Discovery
  • Services to support the unique journey of every individual

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Make it your next step

A tiered approach to high quality care

Step into support that meets your style. It’s your support, your way.

Make it your next step

A suite of services to support you every step of the way


Online Support

An online community accessible wherever you are, whenever you want to connect with peers, discover useful strategies, or share your experience with others.


Individual Support

Meet with a Second Steps Lived Experience Support Person for an online or in person, outreach style appointment. Improve connection to community, develop skills, or discover supports to suit you.


Group Support

Survivor-specific support groups are an opportunity to increase connections through mutual understanding, share your journey, and learn lived experience inspired skills and strategies.


Carer Support

Carer-specific workshops where you can share your experience, learn from others, and discover strategies and knowledge inspired by the journeys of our lived experience support persons.

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We Made it ours

Make Second Steps your next step

“My family weren’t supportive of me after my suicide attempt. I felt very alone; like I had no one to talk to that could understand. I see a therapist now, but I was really looking to connect with people who knew a bit about what I’ve been through. The Online Support group has been welcoming and understanding. I’ve learnt a lot since joining. I don’t feel so alone now; I feel part of something, and I understand there are people out there just like me.”

Attempt Survivor – Carindale, QLD, 20

“I often wonder, why we haven’t had a service like Second Steps until now. I spent so long looking after my son after his suicide attempt, I forgot how to put myself first. Second Steps has reminded me of the importance of self-care for carers. I’ve learned things, not just from other carers, but also from people with lived experience of a suicide attempt. Being able to hear about both sides of the story has really put things into perspective for me and it’s brought me a bit closer to my son as well.”

Carer – Allambie Heights, NSW, 49

“I didn’t want to keep calling a crisis line every time I had thoughts of suicide but it was the only way I knew how to get help with the thoughts. Since joining the Online Support group, I’ve discovered other strategies to help me manage the thoughts myself, and the people online have been really supportive as I’ve learned to practice them. What I like about Second Steps is that I can jump online whenever, browse other people’s posts, and ask questions or just vent, and I know someone will respond.”

Attempt Survivor – Bendigo, VIC, 33